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Two days at the Brabants Stripspektakel in Veldhoven.

We had a pleasant reception. The location was nice. We were greeted personally by the organization and they regularly checked up on things. I didn't get to see everything, but it looks like there was plenty to do for kids. That's handy for parents that want to flip through the comics. De pinball machines were nice to see.

I shared a table with Lisanne Termoshuizen and Fatima Buijs. Talented ladies that were quite popular, especially on Sunday. A lot of commissions were requested.

Lisanne seems to have knack for the furry and cute, but is capable of a lot more. She's coloring parts of the upcoming issue of Sword Quest and more.

Fatima has already worked on projects (Sword Quest, Sketch Cards), but I believe we'll see many more beautiful things from her.

We had quite a presence.

The Windmill Comics crew was there: Johan de Neef, Rik van Niedek, Gerard van de Werken, Ramon Schenk en Waldo van Gheluwe on both days. Jamie de Jonge attended on Saturday and Steven de Rieon Sunday.

West Givner was busy storyboarding a new comic.

Dinesh van den Berg brought some nice prints and was working on pages for Sword Quest and Drakan.

Boy Akkerman also brought nice prints and made some nice commissions.

Ulrik Nilsson substituted for Sai Rodrigues. Ulrik brought the cover of Hollandsch Metaal #2. Must have...

Leroy Soesman... What can I say about Leroy? Leroy entertains... Is a great artist! I'm looking forward to Aqua Invicta.

Speaking of great artists, Louis Norense joined us at the tables on Sunday. He is working on a comic at Swordquest publishing. Stay tuned…

Meesje van Hout also joined us on Sunday. Working with West has allowed me to meet a number of young talented people. Meesje is somenone with potential. Her drawings are very fairytale like and she keeps improving.

Was happily surprised to see my co-worker Pieter Spoelstra. Pieter bought a commission from me. Ik present to you: the FED!

Made a drawing in the artbook of the organization:

A quick sketch for a Spider-girl:

And to kill some time on Saturday: