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This is my entry for the shipping fan art contest of Studio Half Tone. To be honest I couldn’t think of any pairings myself, but I saw the comment of a_weird_plant and got inspired. In part 02 of The Interview (chapter 0) Christy is watching a detective movie and a_weird_plant thought it would be fun to pair Christy with the detective of the movie (Carmen Sandiego style!).

I was somewhat familiar with Carmen Sandiego. I was aware of the new Netflix series, but for me it started with a game called Interpol. When we were visiting one of my uncles he allowed me to play some games on his PC. Seeing I was the only kid there this was a nice way to pass the time. I assume Interpol was a cracked version of the first Carmen Sandiego game. While interesting I had no clue what I was doing, just trying stuff out. I wouldn’t think of the game until much later when I saw screenshots for the snes game Where On Earth Is Carmen Sandiego? in a game magazine. The magazine also mentioned the cartoon of the same name. Didn’t play this game or watched the cartoon, but it’s in consideration now. I did start watching the Netflix series. Let’s see how long I can stay on one episode per day instead of going on a binge.

Back to the fan art. IN/DISSONANCE takes places in Rotterdam and Studio Half Tone has done a good job of bringing that visually to the comic. I already had main character Christy Tao as one part of the pairing so along with the location makes for a fun play on the Where On/In … Is Carmen Sandiego titles.

Now Christy is dressed in the style on Carmen Sandiego (Netflix version), but since Half Tone did such a good job with the colour assigning I had to go with Christy’s green instead of red. Of course with the fill layers in Affinity it was very easy to create an alternative version (picture 2) for those that insist it has to be red.

As you can see for yourself I had no visual reference for the detective (spoiler). But I could at least make his outfit match Christy’s. I still wanted to keep the detective a bit of a mysterious figure, which fits well with IN/DISSONANCE (another spoiler!) so face shade it is. The only reason the detective got the red outfit is because I wanted a nice contrast with Christy’s.

Now they are inside a RET tram (streetcar, trolley?), but since that wouldn’t ring a bell for everyone I thought the art could do with some known Rotterdam landmarks. I got the pictures of Pixabay marked as free to use. Since Rotterdam is a harbour city I thought a life preserver would make for a nice frame. I decided to give the frame a yellow/orange scheme so it looks like a game element. One that you would want to be very noticeable.

I did consider using the colours of the Rotterdam flag on the life preservers, but there was already a lot of green in the illustration. So I thought some character portraits would be nice to add (pictures 5 and 6).

If you enjoy time-lapse video’s please a look here: time-lapse video Where in Rotterdam is Christy Tao.

I closing I can recommend IN/DISSONANCE on Webtoons for a good read.

My favorite scenes from Seinfeld involve Jason Alexander playing George Costanza. The absolute highlight has to be the worlds collide storyline in the pool guy episode. I can not explain how it works, but sometime after seeing this episode and trailers for disaster movies, like Deep Impact, it hit me. Would I be able to create a serious movie trailer using scenes from the worlds collide storyline mashed together with the audio of a disaster movie trailer?

Well, for years I actually couldn't. I just didn't find a trailer with dialogue that appealed to me and I wished there was a way to get lines like 'this Summer...' as clean standalone samples. So I slightly adjusted the plan. Instead of a fitting trailer, I would now keep an ear out for appropriate music. At some point I saw the teaser trailer for Dawn of the Planet of the Apes and I thought: this could work!

After finishing the Rebecca video for Animecon I thought: let's just play around a bit. And playing around turned into actually creating the trailer. At some point it was roughly finished, but it still needed something. It needed that movie voice. That meant, Google Time! It actually didn't take too long to find something. Zach King and his friends have created a set of audio files just right for the job: Movie Voice. The last piece of the puzzle was getting the title to appear less pixelated. I knew I could do it by creating an image, but I really wanted to create it using the software (Filmora) as I thought to myself: it should be possible. The subject came up during a conversation with my co-worker Henk-Jan Meijer and as it turned out he has a fascination for fonts! He gave me some good tips and thought me a few things about fonts.

Of course as I was working on my trailer, here comes the new Transformers trailer with a worlds collide tag and the voice of Anthony Hopkins... Perhaps another time, I'm quite content with this one. I give you: Worlds Collide!

Anyone here that saw the 1989 Batman movie in a theater? I went to see it with my father and my cousin Ramon. It was so exciting! And I already knew a potential villain for a sequel. For the movie featured Billy Dee Williams as Harvey Dent.

Those of you that are a bit familiar with the baddies of Batman know the tragic story of Harvey Dent who becomes Two Face, one of Batman's most dangerous foes. Taking decisions based on the flip of a coin makes him very unpredictable. So I had all these scenes in my head for the second movie and along comes Batman Returns and Harvey Dent is... not in the movie? Still a good movie and I learned much later that the Max Shreck character was a replacement for Harvey Dent. I wonder why?

Anyway a third movie was made and the villains were going to be... the Riddler and Two Face! Yes! Finally we were going to see Billy Dee Williams play Two Face. Well... That's not what happened. A lot of things changed. Different director, a different actor playing Batman and Billy Dee Williams was replaced by Tommy Lee Jones. Or perhaps not even considered by the new director?

I didn't think about it too much after the third movie, although it would come up in conversations from time to time. I have always seen it as a missed opportunity. Imagine having your villain for the third movie being build up in the previous two.

So now along comes this crazy Batman Lego movie and guess my surprise on finding out who will play Two Face. Billy Dee Williams! Not sure how much screen time he'll get, but I'm sure the scenes will bring a smile to my face.

I feel quite excited to see this movie. So much that I felt inspired to draw Billy Dee Williams as how he could have appeared in the movies. Here it is: