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The excentric kitty was meant to display some typical cat trademarks in one sticker. So what we have in the end is a kitty that has enjoyed a fish dinner, drank some milk and is taking a nap. While this cat may appear to be an angel, she is just a moment away of knocking down a vase.

The initial sketch had a pile of fish bones and as you may see I didn't know what to do with the tail. The sneaky angel bit was not present at this stage.

The second sketch I wanted the cat to look a bit heavy, but he looks more like he works out a lot. This is where I decided to add the angel and devil bit, with the devil part showing through in the colouring. The fish bones disappeared to put more emphasis on the angel/devil aspect.

For the third sketch I wanted the colouring to be more simple and loose the muscle look. He ended up looking like a mix of Fancy Fancy and Azraƫl.

Fourth sketch ditches the devil aspect and goes punk. I was happier about the look of the body and made it more fuzzy. The male versions looked cool, but this female version appealed more to me.

The final version is very close to the fourth sketch. I decided to add a wink and bring back the eaten fish.

The excentric kitty is of a sticker set for the Brabants Stripspektakel event in Veldhoven.

500 of the free comic bags for children will contain one of these stickers.

The stickers will be for sale at my table.

If you can't come to the event and want to buy some stickers, click on the email button (top right).