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Inspiration for the singing cats came from the Garfield strips where he performs on the fence. Also the Top Cat cartoons as those hip cats have a few scenes where they sing. And let's not forget that swinging number from The Aristocats!

The fence disappeared during the first refined sketch as I wanted the figures to be front and center. I was quite content after finishing this one. Didn't really wanted to change that much.

The mouse entered the scene during the final sketch. I'm not really sure where he came from. I guess the comical note I lost in the leopard sticker decided to transform in a mouse and join these meowing cats.

The singing cats (and mouse) are part of a sticker set for the Brabants Stripspektakel event in Veldhoven.

500 of the free comic bags for children will contain one of these stickers.

The stickers will be for sale at my table.

If you can't come to the event and want to buy some stickers, click on the email button (top right).